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The training is dedicated to persons who wish to enhance their personal safety in situations of direct attack on their health or life. The basic principles of anticipation and proper response in special situations decrease the risk of suffering losses but we will go far beyond the sole principles during our Personal Safety Training.

We will take care not only of physical preparation of the course participants but also of psychical one. We will train the natural defensive reactions which will be the first line of defence. During simulations of various types, we will learn how to notice dangerous situations, how to anticipate the approaching threat and how to avoid it. We are exposed to danger not only in the street but also in the places, in which our freedom of movement is limited, so we will learn the behaviours and the fight tactics in confined rooms. An important element will also be acquisition of knowledge on provision of pre-medical first aid in dangerous places or in situations of threat – it may be of key significance in saving the health or life of our intimates.

In addition to the issues determined above, the topics that will be raised during the training comprise also the use of weapon, the places, in which we may find useful objects during own defence or protection of our intimates, the possibilities to hide and defend ourselves at home as well as in the means of transport such as car, train, bus and plane.

Topics and issues raised during the classes:

Use of various types of weapon

  •          Club
  •          Knife
  •          Gun
  •          Available objects found in the household

Home – a safe place, possibilities to survive

  •          Dangerous places at home
  •          Safe places at home
  •          Evacuation routes
  •          Protective devices and alarm systems
  •          Garage
  •          Yard

Private means of transport

  •          Approaching the vehicle
  •          Evacuation from the vehicle
  •          Defence in the car
  •          Tactics of driving
  •          Defensive driving techniques
  •          Offensive driving techniques